brownout - A humble .elf to ST .prg binary converter

Written by George Nakos and Douglas Little.

Uses the elfio library by Serge Lamikhov-Center to do the heavy lifting that is ELF parsing. See elfio.hpp for its license.

Command line parsing uses simpleopt by Brodie Thiesfield. See SimpleOpt.h for its license.

Everything else is released under the WTFPL. Probably.

Usage: brownout -i <input_elf_file_name> -o <output_tos_file_name> [-p PRGFLAGS] [-s] [-d] [-x]

        -s will create a symbol table.

        -d will turn on verbose debugging.

        -x will create an extended symbol table.

        -f will turn on C++ symbol demangling (i.e. you don't get ugly symbol names).

        -v will turn on verbose mode (less spammy than debugging)