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redo manual frontpage [from .pdf to tex] and update release string.
update release 3.1 strings
#43711 fix --with-x-lib option. [needs rework]
update tarball buildscripts to not use subminor vesrion
update installation instructions esp windows
xclude .hg* files from tarball
Jed Brown
merge closing of old ts-fixes branch so I will go away for people with old versions of mercurial
Jed Brown
closing ts-fixes which was merged long ago
Jed Brown
C-style comments Preprocessors also remove comments, and some like to complain about // comments in C89 source, even if they are within #ifdef __cplusplus and won't be parsed anyway. Use of C-style comments in headers that will be included from C (even if none of the header is actually active) avoids the spurious warning.
Jed Brown
LaTeX formatting (\text is recommended by AMS, but not available here, so use \mathrm)
Jed Brown
Fix ex48 for complex, explicitly set the "component" field of MatStencil (To silence warning from some compilers about not setting all the fields, despite the standard saying this is fine and they will be set to zero.)
Jed Brown
Add snes ex48 tests to nightlies.
put back -dmmg_form_function_ghost option because it is used!
fixed bug in DMMGCreate() that it ALWAYS used ghosted coloring even when it would not work.
commit after merge
added support for MPI_Type_size(), MPI_Type_extent() and MPI_Type_get_extent() for MPIUNI.
fixed setting of use of inode based factorizations to use the inode version if the A matrix has inodes, not the factored matrix - for ilu(0) (forgot by the change set 15404)
prometheus build fix on windows
ex10.c had this crazy binary save of solutions I must have put in some time ago.
commit after merge
fixed PCView_Redundant() so it will not crash if it is not yet setup petsc-maint 43609
Lisandro Dalcin
ts gl: set problem_type=TS_NONLINEAR in TSCreate_GL and check in TSSetUp_GL
remove c++ syntax.. [AIX]
move untested config examples to 'old', and reorganize a bit.
aix, cray-xt5 configs.
fix kspbuildsolution() from fortran [bgl]
fix typo
use extern_c for fortran kernels
Jed Brown
ts theta: drop superfluous recomputation of Xdot
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