Glenn Hammond

Glenn Hammond

Glenn Hammond pushed 6 commits to ghammond/pflotran-dev

35118cf - merge
f413620 - surface flow regression test only executed if ParMETIS is installed, as suggested by Ben.
f1484fb - Fixed Mualem gas relative permeabilty function; updated gold files
fca1147 - Updated tests factoring in change in Mualem relative perm function.
31b2726 - Addef flash2 to YE_FLUX output; added ye_flux=1 to makefile
Glenn Hammond

Glenn Hammond pushed 13 commits to ghammond/pflotran-dev

800f4fe - Added Luis' suggested changes.
d075551 - removed write statements committed earlier mistakenly
a9a399f - tests: config file format uses ';' as a comment, so we can't use it as a delimiter. switch to ','.
6d2e995 - tests: add ability to provide min and max threshold values for deciding whether or not to compare regression values to baselines.
01f71cb - tests: add option to check hdf5 meta-data to regression test suite.