1. ghorvath
  2. radio-recorder


Records internet radio streams with a weekly program 
and archives interesting broadcasts

It's purpose is to enable delayed radio listening. 
A full weeks program is stored and automatically overwritten each week. 
Special broadcasts can be archived to prevent overwrites and to highlight them.
It uses the radio_rip script http://gpl.coulmann.de/radio_rip.html

It uses the following directory structure:


for each weekday the broadcats are stored in a seperate directory.
Each broadcast has a name and must be unique for a day.
The broadcasts are overwritten each week.
In the archiv directory are copies of special broadcasts the should not be 

It consits of 2 scripts and a configuration file

1. radio_crontab.py

emits the crontab entries for the weekly broadcasts configured in radio_config.py 
to stdout.
To install the crontab use the command

$ ./radio_crontab.py | crontab -

2. radio_archive.py

Copies the broadcasts to the archive directory or plans this for future 

Usage: radio_archive.py BROADCASTNAME DATE [description]
see the header of the script for details

3. radio_crontab.py

The configuration file.
see the header of the script for details


GPL v3

Gregor Horvath, gh@gregor-horvath.com