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<title>Downloading CodeIgniter : CodeIgniter User Guide</title>

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Downloading CodeIgniter
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<h1>Downloading CodeIgniter</h1>

	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 2.0.2 (Current version)</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 2.0.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 2.0.0</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.7.3</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.7.2</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.7.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.7.0</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.6.3</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.6.2</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.6.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.6.0</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.5.4</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.5.3</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.5.2</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.5.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.4.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.3.3</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.3.2</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.3.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.3</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.2</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="">CodeIgniter V 1.0</a></li>

<h1 id="hg">Mercurial Server</h1>
<p><a href="">Mercurial</a> is a distributed version control system.</p>

							<p>Public Hg access is available at <a href="">BitBucket</a>.
								Please note that while every effort is made to keep this code base functional, we cannot guarantee the functionality of code taken
								from the tip.</p>

							<p>Beginning with version 1.6.1, stable tags are also available via BitBucket, simply select the version from the Tags dropdown.</p>
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Previous Topic:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="../general/credits.html">Credits</a>
<a href="#top">Top of Page</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<a href="../index.html">User Guide Home</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;
Next Topic:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="../installation/index.html">Installation Instructions</a>
<p><a href="">CodeIgniter</a> &nbsp;&middot;&nbsp; Copyright &#169; 2006 - 2011 &nbsp;&middot;&nbsp; <a href="">EllisLab, Inc.</a></p>

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