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Added new ChemID semantic

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     public static final String CML_SCHEMA_NS = CMLConstants.CML_NS + CMLConstants.S_HASH;
     public static final String CMLRDF_SCHEMA_NS = "";
     public static final String CMLQMRDF_SCHEMA_NS = "";
-    public static final String CMLAXIOM_NS = "";
+    public static final String CMLAXIOM_NS = "";
+    public static final String CHEMID_NS = "";
     public static final String XSD_NS = "";
     //public static final String PATH_URI = "";
         return ResourceFactory.createProperty(CMLQMRDF_SCHEMA_NS, local);
+    public static Resource chemidResource(String local) {
+        return ResourceFactory.createResource(CHEMID_NS + local);
+    }
+    public static Property chemidProperty(String local) {
+        return ResourceFactory.createProperty(CHEMID_NS, local);
+    }
     public static Resource axiomResource(String local) {
         return ResourceFactory.createResource(CMLAXIOM_NS + local);
     public static final Property qmHasFinalResult = qmProperty("hasFinalResult");
     public static final Property qmHasGeometry = qmProperty("hasGeometry");
     public static final Property qmHasSteps = qmProperty("hasSteps");
+    public static final Property chemidEmpiricalFormula = chemidProperty("EmpiricalFormula");
+    public static final Property chemidCanonicalSmiles = chemidProperty("CanonicalSmiles");
+    public static final Property chemidIsomericSmiles = chemidProperty("IsomericSmiles");
+    public static final Property chemidInChI = chemidProperty("InChI");
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