ocaml-core / base / core / extended / lib_test / union_find_test.ml

open OUnit;;
open Core.Std
open Core_extended.Std

open Union_find

let test =
  "union_find" >:::
      "all" >::
        (fun () ->
          let t1 = create 13 in
          assert (get t1 = 13);
          set t1 15;
          assert (get t1 = 15);
          assert (same_class t1 t1);
          let t2 = create 17 in
          assert (not (same_class t1 t2));
          union t1 t2;
          assert (same_class t1 t1);
          assert (same_class t1 t2);
          assert (same_class t2 t2);
          assert (get t1 = get t2);
          assert (get t1 = 15 || get t1 = 17);
          let t3 = create 19 in
          union t1 t3;
          let t4 = create 21 in
          assert (not (same_class t3 t4));
          union t1 t4;
          assert (same_class t3 t4);
      "zzz" >::
        (fun () ->
          let u1 = create () in
          let u2 = create () in
          let u3 = create () in
          let u4 = create () in
          union u1 u2;
          union u3 u4;
          union u2 u4;
          assert (same_class u1 u3);
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