ocaml-core / base / core / lib_test /

open Core.Std
open OUnit;;

module B = Binary_packing

let test byte_order =
  let inverses inc inc_inc pack unpack min max to_string () =
    let try_it i =
      let buf = String.create 100 in
      pack ~byte_order ~buf ~pos:0 i;
      let i' = unpack ~byte_order ~buf ~pos:0 in
      if i' <> i then
        failwith (Printf.sprintf "failed on input %s; returned %s"
                    (to_string i) (to_string i'))
    let rec f i inc_by =
      if i < max then begin
        try_it i;
        let i' = inc inc_by i in
        if i' > i then
          f (inc inc_by i) (inc_by + inc_inc)
      end in
    f min 1;
    try_it max
  [ "Binary_packing.test" >::
      (fun () ->
        let test () =
            Binary_packing.test ();
          with _ -> false in
        Quickcheck.laws_exn "\"Runs without raising\""
          1 (Quickcheck.always ()) test

    "[pack|unpack]_signed_8" >::
      inverses (+) 0
      (fun ~byte_order:_ ~buf ~pos i -> B.pack_signed_8 ~buf ~pos i)
      (fun ~byte_order:_ ~buf ~pos -> B.unpack_signed_8 ~buf ~pos)
      (-0x80) 0x7F string_of_int;
    "[pack|unpack]_signed_16" >::
      inverses (+) 0 B.pack_signed_16 B.unpack_signed_16
      (-0x8000) 0x7FFF string_of_int;
    "[pack|unpack]_signed_32" >::
      inverses (fun n -> Int32.(+) (Int32.of_int_exn n)) 1 B.pack_signed_32 B.unpack_signed_32
      (Int32.of_string "-0x80000000") (Int32.of_string "0x7FFFFFFF") Int32.to_string;
    "[pack|unpack]_signed_32_int" >::
      (if Sys.word_size = 64 then
          inverses (+) 1 B.pack_signed_32_int B.unpack_signed_32_int
            (int_of_string "-0x80000000") (int_of_string "0x7FFFFFFF") string_of_int
          (fun () -> ()));
    "[pack|unpack]_signed_64" >:: (
      let buf = String.make 8 'a' in
      let test name to_string p u ns () =
        List.iter ns ~f:(fun n ->
          p ~byte_order ~buf ~pos:0 n;
          let n' = u ~byte_order ~buf ~pos:0 in
          if n <> n' then
            failwith (sprintf "%s = unpack_%s (pack_%s %s)"
                        (to_string n') name name (to_string n)))
      test "signed_64" Int64.to_string
        B.pack_signed_64 B.unpack_signed_64
    "[pack|unpack]_float" >::
      (fun () ->
        let test_float i =
          let buf = String.create 100 in
          B.pack_float ~byte_order ~buf ~pos:0 i;
          let i' = B.unpack_float ~byte_order ~buf ~pos:0 in
          i' = i in
        Quickcheck.laws_exn "unpack_float (pack_float x) = x"
          100 Quickcheck.fg test_float

let test =
  "binary_packing" >::: (test `Big_endian @ test `Little_endian)
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