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Anounce V.0.3!!!!!

see the proof of concept: 3 archieves morning, clouds and sunset_youtube_64x.mp4 (downloads) read WIKI! Date: 22/jun/2014

Hello!!! bitPhoto.jpg Welcome to JR TimeLapse Cam Project! The camera lets you take pictures at predetermined intervals. The photo is sent via the serial port to the sdcard in ddmmhhmm.png format. as the transfer is slow, 8300 bits / sec, the interval is the sum of 6000 milliseconds and the time for return of GetData() method, which takes approximately 30000 milliseconds; total take-up picture every 36-45 seconds. I want to give the possibility to set the time without having to compile the code and add the OLED component. Preliminary tests made ​​with all components and codes are also available. Watch movie (clouds_youtube_64x.mp4) available on downloads produced with photos with JR TimeLapse Cam Project. Suggestions are welcome on WIKI page!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

FILE: GroveSerialCamera.ino

HARDWARE: Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz - Grove - Serial Camera Kit - DS1307 Real Time Clock breakout board kit - LC Studio SD card breakout board -

CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS: Input Voltage: 5V Pixel: 300,000 Resolution: 640480, 320240, 160*120 Uart Baud Rate: 9600~115200 Communication: RS485 and RS232 Photo JPEG compression, high, medium and low grades Optional AGC Auto Exposure Event Control Automatic White Balance Control Focus adjustable

REFERENCES:,d.cWc&cad=rja Please read LICENSE.