Felix CAT System

Felix is a computer assisted translation (CAT) tool for Windows. It is also called a "translation memory" system.

This package consists of the following tools:

  • Felix (main program)
  • Word Assist (MS Word add-in for Felix)
  • Excel Assist (MS Excel add-in for Felix)
  • PowerPoint Assist (MS PowerPoint add-in for Felix)

Felix is hosted at http://felix-cat.com/

Build Requirements

Felix is built using Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. I plan to migrate to Visual Studio 2015.

Building Felix requires the following separate libraries:

Felix also links to the following libraries:

Distributing Felix requires the VS 2010 and VS 2013 redistributable packages. It also requires the MSVCP90 and MSVCR90 DLLs for the python components.


The code documentation can be found here (generated using doxygen): http://felix-cat.com/media/docs/

The user's manual can be found here: http://felix-cat.com/media/manuals/felix/

(Japanese translation) http://jp.felix-cat.com/media/manuals/jp/felix/