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Issue #458 resolved

Static cont string is spelled wrong

Anonymous created an issue



package org.openscales.core.style { import flash.display.DisplayObject; import flash.display.Sprite;

import org.openscales.core.filter.IFilter;
import org.openscales.core.style.marker.WellKnownMarker;
import org.openscales.core.style.symbolizer.PointSymbolizer;
import org.openscales.core.style.symbolizer.Symbolizer;

 * Rule based style, in order to use different styles based on parameters like current scale
public class Rule {

    public static const LEGEND_LINE:String = "Line";

    public static const LEGEND_POINT:String = "Point";

    public static const LEGENT_POLYGON:String = "Polygon";**////**


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