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How to contribute ?

The easiest way to contribute is to publicly fork openscales repository. If you are not familiar with bitbucket, DVCS or Mercurial, you should visit hginit website. hgbook provides you a quality Mercurial reference documentation.

To do this, just create an account on, login and go to openscales repository and click on the fork link. You have now your own copy of OpenScales.

You can improve OpenScales as you want on your fork, and ask when you think code is ready merge of your improvements into OpenScales reference repository. This can be done thanks to the pull request link of your forked repository.

Note: Development is made on the develop mercurial branch. Fixs/improvments should be made on this branch.

If you are regulary contributing to openscales, you can ask on the discussion group to be granted as OpenScales contributor, in order to be able to push into the reference repository.

Already define tasks are on the Issue page. You can also check the Roadmap.

Development platform

Install prerequisites

Reference development platform for OpenScales 1.1 is Flex Builder 3/Flash 9. Reference development platform for OpenScales 1.2+ is Flash Builder 4/Flash 10.1.

Following prerequisites concern OpenScales 1.2+ :

Note that under Windows you can also use FlashDevelop 3 to build and develop OpenScales.

How to start ?

We describe to methods : one directly from command line, the other from Flash Builder development environment.

Flash Builder

  • Run Flash Builder 4
  • Click on menu File -> Import -> Other ...
  • Select Mercurial -> Clone existing Mercurial repository and click Next
  • Use URL = or adapt this to you cloned repository
  • Click on Finish
  • Select default branch and click Next
  • You should see all openscales modules -> click on Finish to import them

All modules should compile without errors by default. You can run examples by clicking on openscales-fx-examples and press F11.

Command line

For building OpenScales in its last stable version:

hg clone
mvn clean install

For building OpenScales in its development version, update to develop branch:

hg up develop


The project is automatically compiled with a Jenkins continuous build process and deployed on a the Nexus repository.