Just a little tic tac toe game I've put together. Nothing complicated (right now).

I plan to use this as a sort of testbed for game development ideas and learning. For example, I'll probably end up making various GUIs for it in order to learn different graphics/windows libraries (e.g. gtk, ncurses, SDL, OpenGL, etc.).

Function-wise, I believe it is mostly complete. The version in [master] should work without any major bugs.

Current features (in [master]):
- move checking: checks to see if the attempted move has already been used (does not check bounds, currently).
- draws the updated board after every move
- determines which player won (without having to finish the board); also includes a "cat game" (very basic implementation; in other words, if all 9 spaces are filled and there was no winner)

I plan on updating the current input system that's in the [master] version. The current one is neither intuitive nor efficient (I want to have at least one of those, if not both).

- entering anything other than a number seems to end the game with no winner (cat game)
- can enter coordinates outside bounds (e.g. 8)
- not necessarily a bug, but a very nonintuitive and inefficient move input system
- no smart determination of cat game; i.e. all 9 spaces have to be filled without a winner (even if there was already no way for anyone to win). for example, if O makes the move at (3,3) and the board looks like the following:
	| X | O | X |
	| O | O | X |
	|   | X | O |

there is no possible way for anybody to win, but the game requires the last move for the game to actually finish.