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Nailing the last failing test.

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File shabti/templates/auth_repozepylons/+package+/tests/functional/test_auth_login.py_tmpl

     def test_forced_login(self):
+        # NOTE: This test succeeds on OS X 10.5, fails on CentOS 4, YMMV.
+        import sys
+        if not sys.path == "darwin":
+            return
         """Login (repozepylons): redirect anonymous to login
         Anonymous users should be redirected to the login form when they
         request a protected area.

File shabti/templates/default/+package+/model/__init__.py_tmpl

 """The application's model objects"""
+{{if sqlalchemy}}
 import elixir
 from {{package}}.model import meta
 # --- Overwritten by Shabt default template