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Shabti is a collection of customised project templates for Pylons intended to provide some quick and easy kickstarts for building web applications in Pylons.

Each template adds one or more selected features to the standard Pylons project build. Examples of added features are:

Elixir :: a declarative layer on top of SQLAlchemy,

FormAlchemy :: generation of forms via introspection of database schemas

RDFAlchemy :: an RDF-based modelling ORM (Object-RDF-Model).

The Shabti project itself stands as an example of how to create a customised Pylons template that bundles up one's typical Pylons power-ups into a single and conveniently re-usable kickstart macro:

$ paster create --template <shabti_template_name> <project_name>

Shabti is probably best viewed as the lazy person's alternative to tedious copying and pasting of code fragments scattered all over the net.

Reflecting the fact that the Shabti templates relieve the experimenting developer of a tedious chore, Shabti is named after the ancient Egyptian funerary figurines that were "placed in tombs among the grave goods and were intended to act as substitutes for the deceased, should he be called upon to do manual labor in the afterlife." --- wikipedia


In an effort to make Shabti slightly more useful, each Shabti template is accompanied by documentation that details exactly how the standard Pylons template files are amended, giving developers an opportunity to abstract the principles and apply them later, at leisure.

Shabti is a fork of Tesla with the code brought up to date with respect to Pylons 1.0, SQLAlchemy 0.5 and Elixir 0.6.

Shabti is open source and is maintained in a Bitbucket project.

Shabti may be easy_installed:

$ easy_install Shabti


Bouquets, brickbats, questions, comments etc. are welcome on the Shabti googlegroup/maillist: http://groups.google.com/group/shabti



Shabti has managed to lurch its way up to version 0.4.2


The original Tesla code was written by Dan Jacob and Ben Bangert.

author:Graham Higgins <gjh@bel-epa.com>
date:Wed, 28 Jul 2010