Shabti / CHANGELOG.txt

* Dependency hell.

* Make all tests pass.

* Bring up to date w.r.t. changes in Pylons config import.


* AuthKit template removed.
* CouchDBKit templated added (courtesy of Gaël Pasgrimaud).
* AuthPlus, Humanoid and Shenu templates added.
* Fixtures re-instituted (courtesy of Vladimir Dronnikov)
* Tests added (with assistance from Gaël Pasgrimaud)
* Buildout support added.


* Returned to dev version in run-up to 1.0 release.
* FormAlchemy template added.
* templates heavily revised.
* PyBlosxom template added.
* MoinMoin template added.


* Abandoned dev versions of modules/packages in favour of full releases.
* Added to ensure required inclusions.
* Corrected Authkit template files.
* Removed no-longer-required simplejson dependency. 
* Ensured that dependency requirements stated in are contextualised 
to specific templates.


* Inevitable changes required post-Pypi registration (small change to microsite forms).


* Fork from Google tesla-pylons-elixir project and change project name to "Shabti"


* Removal of AuthKit code from tesla_auth template
* Added password encryption to tesla_auth User class
* reset_sql paster command added (combines drop_sql + create_sql)
* callbacks module removed, uses new Elixir events
* tesla_auth_xp template added : experimental row-level permissions 
  (to be merged with tesla_auth in 0.2.7)
* Fixtures added; require simplejson


* Fixes for Pylons 0.9.6 compliance


* SAContext 0.3.0 integrated


* Integration with SAContext


* Elixir event callbacks module added
* Paste runner command to create and run scripts


* migrate package integrated
* TeslaAuth template added with AuthKit integration
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