Shabti / abuildoutg.cfg

newest = false
find-links =
parts = eggs
bin-directory = bin
parts-directory = .
virtualenv = .

recipe = gp.recipe.pip
install =
    --log=./log.txt py-bcrypt
    --log=./log.txt tw.forms
    --log=./log.txt FormAlchemy>=1.3.4
    --log=./log.txt fa.jquery>=0.7
    --log=./log.txt repoze.who-friendlyform
    --log=./log.txt repoze.what-pylons
    --log=./log.txt repoze.what.plugins.couchdbkit
    --log=./log.txt cssutils
    --log=./log.txt pytz
    --log=./log.txt docutils
    --log=./log.txt roman
    --log=./log.txt python-openid
    --log=./log.txt sqlalchemy-migrate
    --log=./log.txt RDFAlchemy>=0.2b2
    --log=./log.txt CouchDB
    --log=./log.txt httplib2
    --log=./log.txt Sphinx
    --log=./log.txt Babel
    --log=./log.txt pyblosxom

initialization =
    import os
    os.environ['PATH'] = '%s/%s:%s' % (os.getcwd(), 'bin', os.environ['PATH'])
    os.environ['PYTHON_PATH'] = ':'.join(sys.path)
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