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Minor stylistic stuff

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File registration/models.py

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     class Admin:
         list_display = ('__str__', 'activation_key_expired')
+        search_fields = ('user__username', 'user__first_name')
     def __str__(self):
         return "Registration information for %s" % self.user.username

File registration/urls.py

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 URLConf for Django user registration.
 Recommended usage is to use a call to ``include()`` in your project's
-root URLConf to include this URLConf for any URL begninning with
+root URLConf to include this URLConf for any URL beginning with

File registration/views.py

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 from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect
 from django.shortcuts import render_to_response
 from django.template import RequestContext
+from registration.forms import RegistrationForm
 from registration.models import RegistrationProfile
-from registration.forms import RegistrationForm
 def activate(request, activation_key):
     activation_key = activation_key.lower() # Normalize before trying anything with it.
     account = RegistrationProfile.objects.activate_user(activation_key)
     return render_to_response('registration/activate.html',
-                              {'account': account,
-                               'expiration_days': settings.ACCOUNT_ACTIVATION_DAYS },
+                              { 'account': account,
+                                'expiration_days': settings.ACCOUNT_ACTIVATION_DAYS },
 def register(request, success_url='/accounts/register/complete/'):