ADF2MP3 - A command line tool for converting GTA Vice City ADF audio files to MP3


Grand Theft Auto - Vice City radio stations and soundtracks are stored in a proprietary file format, with the .adf extension. This file format is a MP3 that had each byte XORed with the decimal constant 34. The adf2mp3 command line tool allows the decoding of Vice City ADF files to MP3 files that can be played outside the game.


This tool can be used from the command prompt as such:

$ ./adf2mp3 flash.adf

Looks for the file "flash.adf" in the current directory and writes a file named "flash.mp3" to the current directory as its output. You can also provide an explicit output filename as the third parameter:

$ ./adf2mp3 flash.adf flash_fm_radio.mp3

To print basic help and tool info, run:

$ ./adf2mp3 --help

Directory Structure:

 +-bin/                      => Contains a prebuilt binary for Windows (tested on Windows 8).
 +-ports/                    => Ported versions of the original C++ code. Currently, I've written a Rust version of the tool that works just as well.
 +-adf2mp3.cpp               => The single source code file for the application.
 +-makefile                  => A Unix makefile that builds adf2mp3.cpp using a C++11 compiler (tested on Mac OS X / Clang).
 +-adf2mp3.vcxproj & friends => Visual Studio project files...


This code is public domain. I claim no copyrights over it. No warranty is offered or implied; use it at your own risk.