PlayStation 2 homebrew demos


This repository contains a number of homebrew PS2 demos and simple games that I've developed using the freely available PS2DEV unofficial SDK.

I have written a few blog posts about this endeavor, you can read them here.

Directory Structure:

 +-source/     => Soure code for the PS2 demos.
  +--demos/    => Source code and assets for the individual demo applications.
  |  |
  |  +-bin/    => Pre-built ELF binaries ready for use in the PS2 or Emulator.
 ++-framework/ => A set of reusable classes and code shared by all demos.
 +-screens/    => Screenshots of some of the demos for eye candy.
 +-extras/     => Zip packages with a Mac OSX compatible version of the PCSX2 Emulator and a tuned PS2DEV_SDK that builds and install on OSX.

Inside each main directory you can find a more detailed README file with information on how to build and run each of the demos, plus any other relevant info about the source code.

Special Thanks:

A big thanks to the guys of Sitters Electronics for the awesome collection of freely available MD2 models that I have used for the "Dungeons" game demo.

Big thanks to Dr. Fortuna and his website on PS2 dev.

Thanks to and the whole PS2DEV community for making it possible for us mere mortals without an official devkit to develop PS2 Console Games.


This project's source code is released under the MIT License.

Eye Candy:

Rotating cubes

The Graveyard

Boss with minions

The Dungeons

Debug view

More screenshot are available inside the screens directory. I've also uploaded a few videos on YouTube showcasing the "Dungeons" demo game: