SCS - Space Combat Sim


This game is an unfinished project of mine where I attempted to create a Space-Sim-like game, inspired by the old-time classics like Freelancer, Wing Commander and TIE Fighter series.

Technical details:

My main point of focus on this project was in the "game engine"-side. I've implemented an OpenGL 3+ renderer from scratch for this game. Some other interesting things in the engine include:

  • Lua configuration scripts (not used very much by the game at the moment).
  • Support for the XBOX 360 Controller.
  • Basic portable networking support.
  • XML Serialization.
  • A somewhat hackish macro-based Runtime Type System (RTTI).
  • Real-time video capture of the game to uncompressed AVI video.
  • Basic Resource/Assets Management system.
  • Split-screen gameplay for two local players.
  • Runs on Mac OSX (the only platform officially supported at the moment!).

The game code is just rough prototyping and throw away code right now, with tons of hardcoded stuff, so don't judge my project by that :P, look at the engine first for the cool stuff ;).

The game was only tested and built on Mac OSX. I never got around writing a build script for Windows nor fixing a few in-code platform specific things. Porting the code to Windows should be very easy, though fixing the external dependencies is probably going to be a bit of a pain.

Directory Structure:

 +-resources/   => Game assets. Most of them are not currently used by the prototype game.
 +-screens/     => A few in-game screenshots for the eye candy.
 +-source/      => Main source code path for the whole project.
  +-Engine/     => The game engine, well divided into a couple modules.
  +-Game/       => Hackish code for a prototype of the game. Mostly throw-away and testing code.
  +-ThirdParty/ => Third party libraries and dependencies, such as Lua, Bullet-Physics, GLFW, etc...


This project's source code is released under the MIT License.

In-game screenshots:

Rogue Base

Asteroid Field

Jupiter Orbit