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 			raise exc.PhysicsObjectCreationError(type='Fixed joint')
-class Piston(Joint):
-	pass
 class Rotary(Joint):
 	def __init__(self, world, body1, body2, anchor, axis):
 			self._inner_joint.setParam(ode.ParamFMax, max_force)
 		self._inner_joint.setParam(ode.ParamVel, speed)
-class Caster(Joint):
-	pass
 class Universal(Joint):
 	def __init__(self, world, body1, body2, anchor, axis1, axis2):
 			raise exc.PhysicsObjectCreationError(type='Ball and Socket joint')
-class Wheel(Joint):
-	pass
-class Slider(Joint):
-	pass
-class Contact(Joint):
-	pass
 class JointFeedback:
 	def __init__(self, body1, body2, force1=None, force2=None, torque1=None,