German Larrain avatar German Larrain committed 0743fbd

tests.utilities_geomtry: changed name of 'test_get_inclination'

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-def test_get_inclination(axis, angle, correct):
+def test_calc_inclination(axis, angle, correct):
 	#axis = mut.upAxis
 	#angle = mut.pi/4
 	rot_matrix = gemut.calc_rotation_matrix(axis, angle)
 	# rotation around axii perpendicular to the ground does not affect
 	# the inclination
-	test_get_inclination(mut.upAxis, mut.pi/4, 0)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.upAxis, 3*mut.pi/9, 0)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.upAxis, -mut.pi/8, 0)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.downAxis, mut.pi/4, 0)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.downAxis, 3*mut.pi/9, 0)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.downAxis, -mut.pi/8, 0)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.upAxis, mut.pi/4, 0)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.upAxis, 3*mut.pi/9, 0)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.upAxis, -mut.pi/8, 0)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.downAxis, mut.pi/4, 0)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.downAxis, 3*mut.pi/9, 0)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.downAxis, -mut.pi/8, 0)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.rightAxis, mut.pi/6, mut.pi/6)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.rightAxis, 3*mut.pi/9, 3*mut.pi/9)
-	test_get_inclination(mut.rightAxis, -mut.pi/8, -mut.pi/8)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.rightAxis, mut.pi/6, mut.pi/6)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.rightAxis, 3*mut.pi/9, 3*mut.pi/9)
+	test_calc_inclination(mut.rightAxis, -mut.pi/8, -mut.pi/8)
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