German Larrain avatar German Larrain committed 23eb2f1

model.simulator.create_world's params ERP and CFM changed their default values to the corresponding default values of ODE

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 # Created on 2011.08.09
-# Last modified on 2011.11.01
 # @author: german
 # TODO: attribute the code sections that were copied from somewhere else
 class Cone(Body):
-def create_world(gravity = (0.0, -9.81, 0.0), ERP = 0.1, CFM = 1E-4):
+def create_world(gravity = (0.0, -9.81, 0.0), ERP = 0.2, CFM = 1E-10):
 	""" Create an ODE world object. """
 	world = ode.World()
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