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 Packaging and distribution
+-Fix according to output of tool "check-manifest"
 -Add to README.txt a "Contributors" section and/or a "Thanks also to" section to list the names of people who’ve helped.
+-Simulation has nothing to do with "frames". So, replace attributes FPS and _STEPS_PF with 'time_step'.
 -what is 'time' for in ScreenshotRecorder.write?
 -replace access to world._inner_object with its property (world.inner_object)
 -rename Simulation.get_joint as get_sim_joint
 -rename '_inner_object'/'inner_object' to '_inner_obj'/'inner_obj'
+Python "idioms":
+-verify if it's pythonic to have explicit default values (tuples) instead of `None`
+and setting the value inside the function, as when using mutable objects (it's a must in this case).
+For example, see graphics Engine constructor.
 -dBodySetFiniteRotationAxis. is it necessary to set this if dBodySetFiniteRotationMode = true?
+-wrap code in factory functions with a try/except, like joint constructors.
+-simple, useful example: