German Larrain committed 40cd943

Simulation.add_basic_simulation_objects: added complete docstrings (partial
backport of 66781c33cc1f).

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 		self.phs_engine = phs.OdeEngine()
 	def add_basic_simulation_objects(self):
-		"""create the basic simulation objects"""
-		self._contact_group = self.phs_engine.create_joint_group() # for the contact joints generated during collisions
-		self._world = self.phs_engine.create_world() # create a world object (physical)
+		"""Create the basic simulation objects needed for physics and collision
+		such as a contact group (holds temporary contact joints generated during
+		collisions), a simulation 'world' (where physics objects are processed)
+		and a collision space (the same thing for geoms and their
+		intersections).
+		"""
+		self._contact_group = self.phs_engine.create_joint_group()
+		self._world = self.phs_engine.create_world()
 		self._space = coll.Space()
 	def on_idle(self):