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model.collision: new 'signals' module

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+"""This module contains string values defining different signals related to
+the :mod:`ars.model.collision` package.
+# TODO: add the corresponding for Space.collide, Geom.attach_body,
+# Geom.set_position, Geom.set_rotation, Ray.set_length
+RAY_PRE_SET_LAST_CONTACT = 'collision ray pre set last contact'
+RAY_POST_SET_LAST_CONTACT = 'collision ray post set last contact'
+RAY_PRE_CLEAR_LAST_CONTACT = 'collision ray pre clear last contact'
+RAY_POST_CLEAR_LAST_CONTACT = 'collision ray post clear last contact'
+RAY_PRE_CLEAR_CLOSER_CONTACT = 'collision ray pre clear closer contact'
+RAY_POST_CLEAR_CLOSER_CONTACT = 'collision ray post clear closer contact'