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docs: extracted and improved instructions to create diagrams of the code

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+Graphviz and pyreverse (now distributed with
+	To generate PDF class diagrams based on a Python module/package
+	$ pyreverse path/to/
+	$ dot -Tpdf -O
+	To hide attributes and methods in the class boxes add option -k
+	$ pyreverse -k path/to/
+	The diagrams can be manually edited by manipulating entries in the .dot
+	file, which is just a text file that defines the elements of the diagram.

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 To build the docs, run the following command from the project main directory
 	epydoc -v --config docs/epydoc/epydoc.cfg --exclude ars.lib.* ars/
-To generate class diagrams based on a Python module
-	pyreverse path/to/
-	dot -Tps -o