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 **Import error**
-The ``ode`` module can not be imported by the Python interpreter.
+It means the ``ode`` module could not be imported by the Python interpreter.
    >>> import ode
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
 This error is saying that ODE needs access access to the compiled library
-(as a shared object) but can't find it. That `sys.path` may contain
-the path where ```` is located does not have to do with the issue.
+(as a shared object, e.g. ````) but can't find it. It is not
+about whether ``sys.path`` contains or not the location of the
-Dynamically linked libraries are searched for in the directories included in
+Dynamically linked libraries are looked up in the system library path, i.e.
+the directories included in
 the ``LD_LIBRARY_PATH`` environment variable. However, instead of manually
 fixing this value, try running ``ldconfig`` --its job is to "configure dynamic
 linker run-time bindings"
 and import ``ode`` again.
 Hopefully you’ll get no output, which means it was imported correctly.
+  Run:
+  sudo nano /etc/
+  enter: /usr/local/lib
+  sudo ldconfig
+  That's it, try importing ODE again, preferably in the interpreter.
+  Some info obtained from: