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model: replaced `(0.0,-9.81,0.0)` with 'constants.G_VECTOR'.

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File ars/model/physics/

 import ode
+from ...constants import G_VECTOR
 from ...lib.pydispatch import dispatcher
 from ..collision import adapters as shapes
 class OdeWorld(base.World):
-	def __init__(self, gravity=(0.0,-9.81,0.0), ERP=0.8, CFM=1E-10, *args,
+	def __init__(self, gravity=G_VECTOR, ERP=0.8, CFM=1E-10, *args,
 		"""Create an ODE world object.
-def _create_ode_world(gravity=(0.0,-9.81,0.0), ERP=0.8, CFM=1E-10):
+def _create_ode_world(gravity=G_VECTOR, ERP=0.8, CFM=1E-10):
 	"""Create an ODE world object"""
 	world = ode.World()

File ars/model/simulator/

 from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
+from ...constants import G_VECTOR
 from import adapters as gp
 from ...lib.pydispatch import dispatcher
 from ...model.collision import adapters as coll
 		self.coll_engine = coll.OdeEngine()
 		self.phs_engine = phs.OdeEngine()
-	def add_basic_simulation_objects(self, gravity=(0.0, -9.81, 0.0)):
+	def add_basic_simulation_objects(self, gravity=G_VECTOR):
 		"""Create the basic simulation objects needed for physics and collision
 		such as a contact group (holds temporary contact joints generated during
 		collisions), a simulation 'world' (where physics objects are processed)