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collision.near_callback c_joint_bounce parameter is again 0.2 instead of 0.9, which was required by the first IROS example (bouncing ball). That is now specified in that module header docs.

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 	Callback function for the collide() method (in ODE). This function checks if the given geoms
 	do collide and creates contact joints (c_joint) if they do, except if they are connected.
-	c_joint_bounce = 0.9
+	c_joint_bounce = 0.2
 	c_joint_mu = 500 # 0-5 = very slippery, 50-500 = normal, 5000 = very sticky
 	if (ode.areConnected(geom1.getBody(), geom2.getBody())):


 # @author: german
-Example #1
+Example #1. To achieve the same results reported in the paper,
+the contact joint bounce parameter (in ars.model.simulator.collision near_callback function)
+must be set to 0.9, instead of the default 0.2 value.
 from import Program