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utils: fixed param types in docstrings

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File ars/utils/

 		With empty arguments it's just a 4x4 identity matrix.
 		:param position: a size 3 vector, or 3x1 or 1x3 matrix
-		:type position: tuple, :class:`np.array` or None
+		:type position: tuple, :class:`numpy.ndarray` or None
 		:param rot_matrix: a 3x3 or 9x1 matrix
-		:type rot_matrix: tuple, :class:`np.array` or None
+		:type rot_matrix: tuple, :class:`numpy.ndarray` or None
 		if position is None:
 	source: transform.r2t in Corke's Robotic Toolbox (python)
 	:param rot_matrix: 3x3 matrix
-	:type rot_matrix: a tuple, a tuple of tuples or :class:`numpy.mat`
+	:type rot_matrix: a tuple, a tuple of tuples or :class:`numpy.ndarray`
 	if isinstance(rot_matrix, tuple):

File ars/utils/

 	>>> np_matrix_to_tuple(arr)
 	((2, 2), (2, -2))
-	:param array_: Numpy 2D array (i.e. matrix)
+	:param array_: 2D array (i.e. matrix)
+	:type array_: :class:`numpy.ndarray`
 	:return: matrix as tuple of tuples