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TODO: added many; added new section 'Documentation'.

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 -Add to README.txt a "Contributors" section and/or a "Thanks also to" section to list the names of people who’ve helped.
+-what is 'time' for in ScreenshotRecorder.write?
+-rename demos modules in CamelCase
+-replace access to world._inner_object with its property (world.inner_object)
+-rename Simulation.get_joint as get_sim_joint
+-IROS/example4_sinusoidal_terrain: rename 'get_arm_compensation' to 'calc_arm_compensation'
+-IROS/example4_sinusoidal_terrain: extract the *_heightfield funtions
 Code structure (modules and packages)
 -convert sensors module into a package
--rename Simulation.get_joint as get_sim_joint
 -make JointSensor.__init__ be able to receive a Joint OR a SimulatedJoint, which
 wraps a Joint. The idea is to avoid confusing calls such as "x.get_joint().get_joint()"
 -split 'tests' and what are examples of how to use external libs
 -move tests in utils.mathematical to a test file
+-extract functions from trimesh_collision: '*_heightfield', 'get_faces', 'swap_faces_indices'
+-document that 'Queue' is a wrapper of 'deque', one of the high performance
+container datatypes in built-in 'collections' module
 -create a subclass of vtkInteractorStyleTrackball (http://www.vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkInteractorStyleTrackball.html)