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physics.adapters: added docstrings to module, OdeWorld and OdeWorld.__init__.

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+"""Classes and functions to interface the ODE physics engine with
+the API defined in :mod:`physics`.
 from abc import ABCMeta
 from ...constants import G_VECTOR
 class OdeWorld(base.World):
+	"""Adapter to :class:`ode.World`."""
 	def __init__(self, gravity=G_VECTOR, ERP=0.8, CFM=1E-10, *args,
-		"""Create an ODE world object.
+		"""Constructor.
-		:param gravity: Gravity acceleration.
-		:type gravity: 3 floats tuple.
-		:param ERP: Error Reduction Parameter.
-		:type ERP: float.
-		:param CFM: Constraint Force Mixing.
-		:type CFM: float.
+		:param gravity: gravity acceleration vector
+		:type gravity: 3-sequence of floats
+		:param ERP: Error Reduction Parameter
+		:type ERP: float
+		:param CFM: Constraint Force Mixing
+		:type CFM: float
 		super(OdeWorld, self).__init__(gravity, *args, **kwargs)