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 	sudo checkinstall python install
-	python
+	python bin/
-	dpkg -r ragdoll3
+	dpkg -r ars
 	epydoc generates API documentation for Python modules, based on their docstrings
 	to build it, run the following command from the project main directory
-		epydoc -v --config epydoc.cfg ars/
+		epydoc -v --config doc/epydoc.cfg ars/
+	to generate diagrams based on a python module, see "development notes.txt"
 ARS is an open simulation suite for research and development of mobile manipulators. It will encompass a wide range of tools spanning from kinematics and dynamics simulation to robot interfacing and control.
-* Physics engine: Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) r1810, via PyODE Python wrapper
+* Physics engine: Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) r1858, via PyODE Python wrapper
 * Programming language: Python 2.6.5
 * 3D Visualization: Visualization Toolkit (VTK) 5.2.1
 * IDE: Eclipse 3.7.1 (Indigo SR 1) with PyDev and MercurialEclipse

development notes.txt

 		for now, we will not accept the recommendation of using 4-space indentation instead of tabs
 diagram generation
-	pyreverse
+	pyreverse ars/app/
 	dot -Tps -o
 # only name, version, url are required. Other fields are optional.
 setup(name='Autonomous Robot Simulator',
-	version='0.0.0', # It is recommended that versions take the form major.minor[.patch[.sub]].
+	version='20120309', #'0.0.0', # It is recommended that versions take the form major.minor[.patch[.sub]].
 	description='A great simulator', # A single line of text, not more than 200 characters
 	long_description='', # Multiple lines of plain text in reStructuredText format
 	author='German Larrain',
-	download_url='',
-	platforms='',
-	license='',
+	#download_url='',
+	#platforms='',
+	#license='',
 	#classifiers=[], # e.g. Development Status, Environment, Intended Audience, License, Operating System, Programming Language, Topic
-	requires=[],
-	#package_dir=[] 
-	packages=['app', 'graphics', 'gui',
-			'model', 'model.contrib', 'model.geometry', 'model.robot', 'model.simulator',
-			'utilities'],
-	py_modules=['RagdollPyOdeVtk'],
+	#requires=[],
+	#package_dir={}, 
+	packages=['ars', '', '', 'ars.gui', 'ars.model', 'ars.utilities', 
+			'ars.model.contrib', 'ars.model.geometry', 'ars.model.robot', 'ars.model.simulator',],
+	#py_modules=[''],