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File ars/lib/pydispatch/dispatcher.py

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 		weak references to receivers, and thus must be de-
 		referenced on retrieval to retrieve the callable
 	connections -- { senderkey (id) : { signal : [receivers...]}}
 	senders -- { senderkey (id) : weakref(sender) }
 		used for cleaning up sender references on sender
 	sendersBack -- { receiverkey (id) : [senderkey (id)...] }
 		used for cleaning up receiver references on receiver
 		deletion, (considerably speeds up the cleanup process

File ars/lib/pydispatch/saferef.py

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 		key -- the identity key for the reference, calculated
 			by the class's calculateKey method applied to the
 			target instance method
 		deletionMethods -- sequence of callable objects taking
 			single argument, a reference to this object which
 			will be called when *either* the target object or
 			target function is garbage collected (i.e. when
 			this object becomes invalid).  These are specified
 			as the onDelete parameters of safeRef calls.
 		weakSelf -- weak reference to the target object
 		weakFunc -- weak reference to the target function
 	Class Attributes:

File ars/utils/geometry.py

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 def rot_matrix_to_euler_angles(rot_matrix):
 	"""Returns the 3-1-3 Euler angles `phi`, `theta` and `psi` (using the
-	x-convention) corresponding to the rotation matrix ``rot_matrix``, which
+	x-convention) corresponding to the rotation matrix `rot_matrix`, which
 	is a tuple of three 3-element tuples, where each one is a row (what is
 	called row-major order).
 	Using the x-convention, the 3-1-3 Euler angles `phi`, `theta` and `psi`
-	(around	the Z, X and again the Z-axis) can be obtained as follows
+	(around	the Z, X and again the Z-axis) can be obtained as follows::
 		phi = arctan2(A_{31}, A_{32})
 		theta = arccos(A_{33})
 		psi = -arctan2(A_{13}, A_{23})
- 	http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotation_representation_(mathematics)#
- 		Rotation_matrix_.E2.86.94_Euler_angles
+ 	http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotation_representation_(mathematics)%23Rotation_matrix_.E2.86.94_Euler_angles
 	A = rot_matrix

File ars/utils/mathematical.py

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 	return matrix_as_3x3_tuples(tuple(result.flatten()))
 def matrix_as_tuple(matrix_):
-	"""matrix_: nested tuples, e.g. ((1,0),(1,1),(2,5))"""
+	"""\matrix_: nested tuples, e.g. ((1,0),(1,1),(2,5))"""
 	#TODO: improve a lot
 	return gut.nested_iterable_to_tuple(matrix_)