German Larrain avatar German Larrain committed a9cf428

VehicleWithArm: keyboard arrows' actions are executed with repeat = True. Thus WHEEL_TORQUE is a small fraction of what it was

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 	BACKGROUND_COLOR = (0.8,0.8,0.8)
 	FLOOR_BOX_SIZE = (20,0.01,20)
 	VEHICLE_OFFSET = (2,0.35,4)
 	BALL_PARAMS = ((0.3,(1,0,0)),{'density':1}) # ((radius, center), density)
 		self._frictionless_arm = frictionless_arm
-		self.key_press_functions.add('up', self.go_forwards)
-		self.key_press_functions.add('down', self.go_backwards)
-		self.key_press_functions.add('left', self.turn_left)
-		self.key_press_functions.add('right', self.turn_right)
+		self.key_press_functions.add('up', self.go_forwards, repeat=True)
+		self.key_press_functions.add('down', self.go_backwards, repeat=True)
+		self.key_press_functions.add('left', self.turn_left, repeat=True)
+		self.key_press_functions.add('right', self.turn_right, repeat=True)
 		self.key_press_functions.add('a', self.rotate_clockwise)
 		self.key_press_functions.add('z', self.rotate_counterlockwise)
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