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model.collision.adapters: fixed calls to superclasses' constructors

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 class Trimesh(OdeGeom, base.Trimesh):
 	def __init__(self, space, vertices, faces, center):
-		super(Trimesh, self).__init__()
+		OdeGeom.__init__(self)
+		base.Trimesh.__init__(self, space, vertices, faces, center)
 		tm_data = ode.TriMeshData(), faces)
 		self._inner_object = ode.GeomTriMesh(tm_data, space.get_inner_object())
 	"""Box shape, aligned along the X, Y and Z axii by default"""
 	def __init__(self, space, size):
-		super(Box, self).__init__(space, size)
+		OdeBasicShape.__init__(self)
+		base.Box.__init__(self, space, size)
 		self._inner_object = ode.GeomBox(space.get_inner_object(), lengths=size)
 class Sphere(OdeBasicShape, base.Sphere):
 	"""Spherical shape"""
 	def __init__(self, space, radius):
-		super(Sphere, self).__init__(space, radius)
+		OdeBasicShape.__init__(self)
+		base.Sphere.__init__(self, space, radius)
 		self._inner_object = ode.GeomSphere(space.get_inner_object(), radius)
 class Capsule(OdeBasicShape, base.Capsule):
 	def __init__(self, space, length, radius):
 		# GeomCCylinder: Capped Cylinder
-		super(Capsule, self).__init__(space, length, radius)
+		OdeBasicShape.__init__(self)
+		base.Capsule.__init__(self, space, length, radius)
 		self._inner_object = ode.GeomCCylinder(
 			space.get_inner_object(), radius, length)
 	"""Cylinder shape, aligned along the Z-axis by default"""
 	def __init__(self, space, length, radius):
-		super(Cylinder, self).__init__(space, length, radius)
+		OdeBasicShape.__init__(self)
+		base.Cylinder.__init__(self, space, length, radius)
 		self._inner_object = ode.GeomCylinder(
 			space.get_inner_object(), radius, length)
 	"""Plane, different from a box"""
 	def __init__(self, space, normal, dist):
-		super(Plane, self).__init__(space, normal, dist)
+		OdeBasicShape.__init__(self)
+		base.Plane.__init__(self, space, normal, dist)
 		self._inner_object = ode.GeomPlane(
 			space.get_inner_object(), normal, dist)