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 ARS is a physically-accurate open-source simulation suite for research and
 development of mobile manipulators and, in general, any multi-body system. It
 Installation and Requirements
 For installation instructions and requirements, see the
 `online documentation <>`_.
 The documentation is hosted at
 ` <>`_
 and it is generated dynamically after each commit to the repository.
 This software is licensed under the OSI-approved "BSD License". To avoid
 confusion with the original BSD license from 1990, the FSF refers to it as
 "Modified BSD License". Other names include "New BSD", "revised BSD", "BSD-3",
-To run the included test suite (provided you have ``mock`` installed)::
+To run the included test suite (provided you have ``mock`` installed):
+.. code-block:: bash
    ~/ars$ python -m unittest discover --verbose
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