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-* Python 2.7.3 (any 2.7 should work)
+* Python 2.7 (developed with 2.7.3)
+  http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7.3/
 * ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) 0.12 (from rev 1864 could work but is untested)
-* VTK (Visualization Toolkit) 5.8.0 (previously was 5.2.1)
+  http://sourceforge.net/projects/opende/
+  http://sourceforge.net/projects/arsproject/files/ODE/
+* VTK (Visualization Toolkit) 5.8 (developed with 5.8.0 and used to be 5.2.1)
+  http://www.vtk.org/VTK/resources/software.html
+  https://sourceforge.net/projects/arsproject/files/VTK/
-To generate it, read the corresponding section in the INSTALL file
+The documentation is hosted at
+`ReadTheDocs.org <http://autonomous-robot-simulator.rtfd.org>`_
+and it is generated dynamically after each commit to the repository.
-See the included LICENSE.txt file.
 This software is licensed under the OSI-approved "BSD License". To avoid
 confusion with the original BSD license from 1990, the FSF refers to it as
 "Modified BSD License". Other names include "New BSD", "revised BSD", "BSD-3",
 or "3-clause BSD".
+See the included LICENSE.txt file.