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demo_runner: added separator and data printing; changed an info message.

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 Enter one of the following values:
    d:         print demo list
-   (number):  run a demo (patience, the first time takes it takes a while)
+   (number):  run a demo (patience, the first launch is a little slower)
    q:         quit
 def show_demo_list():
+	print("-" * 30)
+	print("\nDEMO LIST\n\nindex: (module, class name)")
 	for i, option in enumerate(DEMOS):
 		print('%s: %s' % (i, option))
 	module = import_module(DEMOS_PACKAGE_PREFIX + '.' + selected_demo[0])
 	klass = getattr(module, selected_demo[1])
+	print("-" * 30)
+	print('%s: %s' % (selected_demo_index, selected_demo))
 	sim_program = klass()
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