German Larrain avatar German Larrain committed daab603

graphics.base.Engine._update_pose: changed it to class method (instead of static),
making it "abstract" with the same workaround used in collision.base.Engine.

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 	def reset(self):
-	@staticmethod
-	@abstractmethod
-	def _update_pose(obj, pos, rot):
-		pass
+	@classmethod
+	def _update_pose(cls, obj, pos, rot):
+		# Raising an exception efectively makes this definition be that of
+		# an abstract method (i.e. calling it directly raises an exception),
+		# except that it not requires the subclass to implement it if it is
+		# not used. We would like to use @classmethod AND @abstractmethod,
+		# but until Python 3.3 that doesn't work correctly.
+		#
+		raise NotImplementedError()
 class ScreenshotRecorder(object):


 		self.render_window = None
 		self.interactor = None
-	@staticmethod
-	def _update_pose(obj, pos, rot):
+	@classmethod
+	def _update_pose(cls, obj, pos, rot):
 		trans = gemut.Transform(pos, rot)
-		vtk_tm = Engine._create_transform_matrix(trans)
-		Engine._set_object_transform_matrix(obj, vtk_tm)
+		vtk_tm = cls._create_transform_matrix(trans)
+		cls._set_object_transform_matrix(obj, vtk_tm)
 	def _timer_callback(self, obj, event):
 		self.timer_count += 1
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