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graphics.base: renamed class Adapter to Engine.

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File ars/app/

 		Currently, the following is done:
-		* the graphics adapter is told to
-			:meth:``
+		* the graphics engine is told to
+			:meth:``
 		* all attributes are set to None or False
 		A finalized program file cannot be used for further simulations.

File ars/graphics/

 		super(Trimesh, self).__init__(pos, rot)
-class Adapter(object):
+class Engine(object):
 	Abstract class. Not coupled (at all) with VTK or any other graphics library

File ars/graphics/

 KEY_PRESS_EVENT = 'KeyPressEvent'
-class VtkAdapter(base.Adapter):
+class VtkAdapter(base.Engine):
 	"""Graphics adapter to the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) library"""