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collision.adapters: added docstring for module, OdeEngine.is_ray, Space, OdeGeom.

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File ars/model/collision/

+"""Classes and functions to interface with the collision library
+included in ODE.
 from abc import ABCMeta
 import ode
 	def is_ray(geom):
-		"""Is `geom` a ray?"""
+		"""Return whether ``geom`` is a :class:`ode.GeomRay` object or not.
+		:param geom:
+		:type geom: :class:`ode.GeomObject`
+		:return: True if ``geom`` is an instance of :class:`ode.GeomRay`
+		:rtype: bool
+		"""
 		return isinstance(geom, ode.GeomRay)
 class Space(base.Space):
+	"""Adapter to :class:`ode.SimpleSpace`."""
 	def __init__(self):
 		self._inner_object = ode_objects_factories.create_ode_simple_space()
 class OdeGeom(base.Geom):
+	"""Abstract class, sort of equivalent to :class:`ode.GeomObject`."""
 	def attach_body(self, body):
 		super(OdeGeom, self).attach_body(body)