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collision.adapters.Space: added docstrings to 'collide'.

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File ars/model/collision/

 		self._inner_object = ode_objects_factories.create_ode_simple_space()
 	def collide(self, args, callback=None):
+		"""Call ``callback`` with ``args`` for all potentially intersecting
+		geom pairs.
+		Function ``callback`` must accept 3 arguments: ``args, geom1, geom2``.
+		:param args: data object passed to ``callback`` in each call
+		:type args: :class:`NearCallbackArgs`
+		:param callback: a function with signature ``args, geom1, geom2``
+		:type callback: function or None
+		"""
 		if callback is None:
 			self._inner_object.collide(args, Engine.near_callback)