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VtkAdapter: added docstrings for '_set_object_transform_matrix' and '_create_transform_matrix'.

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 	def _set_object_transform_matrix(obj, transMat):
+		"""Set ``obj``'s pose according to the transform ``transMat``.
+		:param obj: object to be modified
+		:type obj: :class:`vtk.vtkProp3D`
+		:param transMat: homogeneous transform
+		:type transMat: :class:`vtk.vtkMatrix4x4`
+		"""
 	def _create_transform_matrix(pos, rot):
-		"""
-		pos: a 3-tuple
-		rot: a 9-tuple
+		"""Create a homogeneous transform matrix valid for VTK.
+		:param pos: a size 3 vector, or 3x1 or 1x3 matrix
+		:type pos: tuple, :class:`numpy.ndarray` or None
+		:param rot: 3x3 or 9x1 rotation matrix
+		:type rot: tuple, :class:`numpy.ndarray` or None
+		:return: a VTK-valid transform matrix
+		:rtype: :class:`vtk.vtkMatrix4x4`
 		t = gemut.Transform(pos, rot)
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