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Germán Larraín
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When running demos/IROS/example4_sinusoidal_terrain, the programs outputs values and every X lines prints "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_position'". The issue has to do with trying to update each actor's position by accessing the inner object's method "get_position" for each registered SimulatedBody.

In simulator.Simulation.add_trimesh_floor, the floor is created as a collision Trimesh object, graphics Trimesh object and then a SimulatedBody. The latter only stores reference of the actor (graphics object) but not the geom. Also, there really is no body so it's conceptually an inappropriate class.

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  1. Germán Larraín reporter

    The solution requires the following:

    • Create a class for Trimesh floor analogous to SimulatedBody for spheres, boxes, etc. (SimulatedGeom?)
    • In simulator.Simulation.add_trimesh_floor, add an instance of the mentioned class (instead of SimulatedBody), which must hold reference to the geom object (model.collision.adapters.Trimesh).
  2. Germán Larraín reporter


    • Improve coherence between "add_floor" and "add_trimesh_floor". What's the reason for the existence of OdeEngine.create_plane_geom? It's obviously wrong to call it from the Simulation class if it is not defined in physics.base.Engine (OdeEngine's super class).
    • Implement SimulatedPhysicsObject.offset_by_position using the declared abstract methods (easy). That implies removing the @abstractmethod decorator and removing the implementation in SimulatedBody.
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