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ars / ars / utils / containers.py

import collections # High-performance container datatypes

class Queue(object):


	def __init__(self):
		self._queue = collections.deque()

	def pull(self):
		"""Remove and return the first element of the queue"""

			# Remove and return an element from the left side of the deque
			element = self._queue.popleft()
		except IndexError:
			raise Exception('no elements are present')
		return element

	def put(self, element):
		"""Appends the element as the last object of the queue"""
		self._queue.append(element) # Add x to the right side of the deque

	def is_empty(self):
		return len(self._queue) == 0

	def count(self):
		return len(self._queue)

	def clear(self):
		"""Remove all elements of the queue"""

	def convert_to_list(self):
		"""Return the elements in an ordered list"""
		return list(self._queue)

	def __str__(self):
		line = ''
		data_list = self.convert_to_list()
		for item in data_list:
			line += '%s\n' % str(item)
		return line

# class Stack(Queue)
# override 'put' and 'pull' methods, and change deque's called methods