1. German Larrain
  2. ars



To install the software (only "ars" is part of the installation; docs, tests and demos are not), you need to:

1) check the requirements listed in README
2) open a command window, with the current directoy set to the project main directory

2) execute the standard setup script (included):
	python setup.py install

LINUX: If your OS is GNU/Linux and you have the "checkinstall" program installed, use it (it is optional but convenient)
2) run the setup script wrapped by checkinstall, which will create a package and install it:
	sudo checkinstall python setup.py install

	(if you want to uninstall, run
	sudo dpkg -r ars)


To run a demo, execute any of the following:
	python bin/FallingBall.py
	python python bin/IROS/example4_sinusoidal_terrain.py


	the epydoc program generates API documentation for Python modules, based on their docstrings
	to build it, run the following command from the project main directory
		epydoc -v --config doc/epydoc.cfg ars/
	to generate class diagrams based on a python module, see "development notes.txt"