1. German Larrain
  2. ars


ars / ARS installation - Ubuntu.txt

The branch 'version 0.2.0' does not exist.
1) install python packages
	sudo apt-get install python python-dev python-support

2) now VTK
	sudo apt-get install libvtk5.2 python-vtk

3) now ODE
	- unpack ode-r1858.{tar.bz2|tar.gz|zip|7z}
	- run
		./configure --enable-double-precision --with-trimesh=opcode --enable-new-trimesh --enable-shared --enable-debug
		sudo make install
4) now PyODE
	- unpack "pyode-6ef2c2a, 2010.10.13 snapshot.{tar.bz2|tar.gz|zip|7z}"
		sudo python setup.py install

5) finally, ARS
	- unpack the archive
	- run
		sudo python setup.py install

6) for a test, demos and documentation read INSTALL